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Samsung Automation Studio

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Easily mash-up Samsung Services

Samsung Automation Studio is to provide development tools and execution environment that can easily configure application logic by connecting both Samsung service and 3rd party service.

  • Samsung account

    A Samsung account is your gateway to the world of Samsung. When you sign up for a Samsung account, you gain access to Apps and Services of Samsung.

  • SmartThings support

    Samsung Automation Studio supports SmartThings integration via SmartThings node customization.

  • Bixby Voice support

    Bixby Voice can execute your flow that designed with "Capsule label" node and "Capsule result" node.

  • Securely stored

    Manage and store your flows. Simply export and import. All files are encrypted and securely stored, protect in what matters.

  • Pre-defined flows

    Start with pre-defined flow templates for a mashing-up various cases. Get inspiration and create your new flow.

  • Runtime environment

    Deploy your flows in secured and isolated containers whose healths and lifecycles are managed automatically by the reliable container platform (CF)

  • Capsule Nodes

    Decide which name is called through Bixby Voice without developing a capsule.

  • Bixby Node

    You can develop an endpoint to call in the developing capsule.

  • Automation Node

    Connect easily with the SmartThings SmartApp using a Web Hook endpoint.

  • DeviceProfile Node

    Know what Capability you need? Find the 71 Capabilities of SmartThings.

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