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Samsung Automation Studio

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Workspace is provided by the Service Portal, making the Flow and Deployment management in the Automation Studio readily available.


The Automation Studio deploys nodes that it provides to minimize code writing and make business logic easier to implement. These deployed nodes are saved as a file and called as "Flow". The Automation Studio encrypts and stores these flows securely in the Cloud Storage. The workspace in the Service Portal provides a Flows menu to manage files stored in the Cloud Storage.

  • New: Create a new Flow in the Automation Studio.
  • Export: Export the saved flow to JSON.
  • Import: Create Flows by importing the exported JSON.
  • Delete: Delete the saved flow.
  • Start: Deploy the flow to Automation Studio.
  • Stop: Stop the flow that is deployed.


Flows you create can be run in an assigned container without any other server through the Automation Studio deployment. The item in "Deploy" means that the Flow is activated and activated on the server. This Deployed flow will continue to run even if you close the browser unless you stop it. Endpoints that are made accessible via HTTP can be viewed directly inside the Deploy list.

Version & Restart

The Automation Studio is constantly improving and stabilizing. We will notify you, at the top of your Workspace, whenever a new software version is released. You will need to restart the setup menu to update the Automation Studio to a newer version. Restarting the workspace includes redeployment of existing Deploy items, which can be viewed directly from the lock.

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